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Secure Tactics is a global leader in eSurveillance and internet security applications. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to individual parents needing to monitor their child's internet activity. Throughout the business realm our software has been credited with improving employee productivity & accountability, safe guarding intellectual property, and reducing company liability for computer misuse. Currently there is also a growing number of K-12 schools deploying SpyRecon Monitoring Software to help ensure student safety online and promote a constructive use of school technological resources.  On several occasions we have received reports from parents indicating that SpyRecon alerted them to potentially life threatening  situations that their children were involved in.   Secure Tactics has proven track record with allowing end users and companies alike to leverage the internet to its maximum potential, while maintaining a safe and secure environment.
Featured products

SpyRecon Basic
 Monitoring Software

Track and record all keystrokes, IMs, screenshots, email login details, and internet activity. The software can be configured to alert all users that your computer is being monitored or alternately run with complete secrecy. Receive detailed emails of monitored activity from anywhere with an email connection.



SpyRecon Complete
 Monitoring Software

In addition to all features of the Basic version, SpyRecon Complete combines remote installation capabilities. This is ideal for monitoring multiple corporate networked computers or any scenario in which physical access to your computer is not practical.






PC Purify
Privacy Protector

The all in one privacy solution. PC Purify simplifies the process of eliminating sensitive or otherwise confidential information. Individuals utilize PC Purify to ensure that personal and financial data does not become compromised.  Companies deploy PC Purify to reduce the threat of trade secrets or other competitive information from being "leaked."



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